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Frequently Asked Questions about the Nonprofit Management Resources Project

What is the purpose of the Nonprofit Management Resources (NPMR) project?

We all know that nonprofit organizations need good management and solid leadership to effectively serve constituents and support vibrant, inclusive communities. Nonprofit Management Resources is a tool to help you find the information you need to effectively run your Massachusetts nonprofit organization—whether you are small and just starting out, or large and well-established. If you need reliable answers to questions that often perplex nonprofit managers, we invite you to use our search engine.

Can this service provide legal or financial advice that is tailored to our specific needs?

We can’t undertake to deliver answers to every question, or to provide the equivalent of retaining an attorney, accountant, or other specialist to advise you. Nevertheless, perhaps you might think of this service as the equivalent of a five minute phone call with a mentor who is well versed in typical problems that arise for nonprofits, and who is happy to share what she knows, or refer you to other well-regarded experts in her professional network.

Is this a free service?

Yes. Our service is available without charge to anyone with internet access and web browsing capability.

What is the range of content types that you provide?

We are making every effort to provide reference materials in a variety of formats, from videos to white papers to charts, for the convenience of users with a wide range of learning styles and levels of nonprofit experience. What you currently see on Nonprofit Management Resources is a simple working prototype – a proof of concept. In time, we plan to add more features and more content partners.

Who are the founding partners of this project?

Third Sector New England and the Boston Foundation.

Who are the technical partners?

We worked with Social Actions to create the working prototype, and are currently working with Ronin Tech Collective.

Who are the content partners?

Both of the founding partners, Third Sector New England and the Boston Foundation, are providing content for search and aggregation.  Other content partners will be added; the first is the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network.

Why can’t I view the Nonprofit Management Resources project when I go to

The web site is currently password-protected because is still in beta testing, and has not yet been launched.

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